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Confession# 3406

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 6:40pm

I'm convinced walking by the Kohl Center lawn is what Charlie felt like when he walked into Wonka's chocolate factory.

Confession# 3407

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 6:36pm

Before I wish Facebook friends a happy birthday, I look at our friendship to see if they wished me one on my last birthday.

Confession# 3404

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 2:11pm

Some girl in front of me at Noodles bought my lunch today, so I bought the girl behind me's lunch. I hope she continued the cycle.

Confession# 3408

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 5:45pm

My mom died from breast cancer when I was young, young enough to where I don't remember her at all. Even if I just see a mother in daughter together, it sometimes brings tears to my eyes, because I know that is something that I will never experience, and don't remember the feeling of. If you still have your mother, be thankful for that. If you don't have a good relationship, fix that, because you never know if you'll never see her again.

Confession# 3410

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 4:20pm

Today while I was eating lunch, some Asian girl came up from behind and rubbed my back. She was a complete stranger.

Confession# 3411

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 4:46pm

I am a farm boy. No matter what the weather gets like, I will be wearing jeans year round and I'm proud of it.

Confession# 3400

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 2:08pm

I know a lot of Minnesota kids go to UW, so I just thought I'd let all of you know: The Blackhawks are going to absolutely fuck up the Wild in this playoff series.

Confession# 3401

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 2:08pm

Madison has some of the finest ladies in the world! Here's to 80 degree days!!

Confession# 3402

Submitted 04/30/13 @ 2:55pm

I lost the love of my life about 7 months ago. I will never forgive myself for the mistakes I made that pushed him away and I will never get over him.

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