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Confession# 3592

Submitted 05/16/13 @ 2:48pm

I can't consider you a MILF unless you are over the age of 30.

Confession# 3593

Submitted 05/16/13 @ 11:16am

My biggest fear is never meeting that someone that I love.

Confession# 3588

Submitted 05/16/13 @ 12:17am

My deepest fear is that the world will be taken over by Decepticons or the return of Voldemort.

Confession# 3589

Submitted 05/16/13 @ 12:04am

I can't get any studying done because of all the yoga pants!

Confession# 3590

Submitted 05/15/13 @ 10:57pm

Packers fans are officially better than fans of all other NFL teams. Getting their own reality show on TBS!

Confession# 3582

Submitted 05/15/13 @ 10:52am

Whenever my guy friends say that they can't go after a girl because she has a boyfriend, I always remind them that just because there is a goalie doesn't mean you can't score.

Confession# 3583

Submitted 05/15/13 @ 2:24am

When I was a kid, I would imagine that every "story" I played using my action figures or any other toy was a sort of a movie or a TV series being telecast on an imaginary TV channel. I would even imagine commercial breaks in my mind and even opening sequences.

Confession# 3586

Submitted 05/14/13 @ 9:49pm

My girlfriend and I pray together before we eat dinner.

Confession# 3584

Submitted 05/15/13 @ 1:07am

Drunk in College Library makes finals way more interesting.

Confession# 3577

Submitted 05/14/13 @ 11:13am

While I was packing up my room to move out with my parents I walked over to my friends room, took some shots, then walked back and continued packing. It was a stressful time..

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