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Confession# 3847

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 10:19am

Football tickets are the 10 you spend 90 minutes at the bar hitting on, who ends up walking away. Hockey Tickets are the 7.5 you proceed to go home with.

Confession# 3849

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 9:09pm

I'm the only one in my apartment who didn't get tickets and you bet I will be screwing my girlfriend every saturday morning!

Confession# 3851

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 8:00pm

Whenever I leave Wisconsin I always get a craving for a good bratwurst.

Confession# 3856

Submitted 06/18/13 @ 8:44am

I can't stand students who show up late to football games hammered drunk. It's embarrassing when the game starts and the student section is half full.

Confession# 3855

Submitted 06/18/13 @ 9:15am

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Madison Police that day: The score stood forty thousand to 100, with Mifflin yet to play. And then when Rebecca notified the crowd, and the deputy did the same, A sickly silence fell upon the partiers, almost putting us to shame. But somewhere on this favored street the sun is shining bright; Our band is even playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout; But there is no joy for the fuzz today – for they surely have struck out.

Confession# 3852

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 10:31pm

I spread my butt cheeks apart and sat on my roommates pillow for drunkenly eating all my food. Payback's a bitch, and so is pink eye.

Confession# 3860

Submitted 06/18/13 @ 7:01pm

I watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia daily. Those are the types of friendships I dream of.

Confession# 3858

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 6:49am

I really hate when old people sit in the student section at football games. They make it really hard to jump around when you're worried about them falling and breaking a hip or something.

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