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Confession# 3869

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 10:43pm

Having a professor that waits until the day before an exam to give you a study guide is like having a girlfriend that wants to wait six months to have sex. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Confession# 3877

Submitted 06/21/13 @ 10:04am

My boyfriend is a huge Miami Heat fan, and last night right before the game started he asked me to go on a walk. I didn't understand why he wanted to go on a walk right before the game started, but once we got in the middle of nowhere he asked me to marry him! Naturally I said yes, and he was able to catch the 4th quarter of the game.

Confession# 3875

Submitted 06/20/13 @ 10:52am

I don't like beer. I'm a vodka and whiskey kind of girl.

Confession# 3874

Submitted 06/20/13 @ 5:29pm

Sex is not the most important thing to me in a relationship. Its #5.

Confession# 3858

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 6:49am

I really hate when old people sit in the student section at football games. They make it really hard to jump around when you're worried about them falling and breaking a hip or something.

Confession# 3844

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 12:51am

The refs in the NBA finals make me want to go zebra-hunting!

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