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Confession# 3873

Submitted 06/21/13 @ 1:47am

After accounting for school fees, financial aid, and the money I'll be making between the 3 jobs I have over this summer, I've concluded that the only realistic way to pay for the rest of the costs is stripping.

Confession# 3734

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 3:22am

I just found out that a guy from my high school has a tattoo right above his junk and it reads "Est. 1992". I am more inclined as ever to bang him now.

Confession# 3757

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 1:00pm

I was sitting at a bar in Phoenix when Jump Around came, got some pretty funny looks while I was jumping around like a fucking idiot. ON WISCONSIN!

Confession# 3756

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 1:45pm

When I wake up from a crazy dream I usually think that's what is really going on.

Confession# 3761

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 4:26pm

I don't agree with legalizing gay marriage, but no one ever stops to ask me why. They instantly attack me and think I hate gay people.

Confession# 3760

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 7:57pm

My best friend is a guy, and even though I have a boyfriend, I dread the day he finds a girl because I fear he will just cut me off.

Confession# 3763

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 3:36pm

In 6 years of college I've accumulated over $100,000 in loan debt and all I have to show for it is a bachelors in sociology.

Confession# 3762

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 4:41pm

Last night I accidentally drank a whole box of wine by myself. Whoops.

Confession# 3764

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 3:54pm

My boss tried to get me to sleep with him in the first week of working at my full time job. I said no and things are now very awkward around the office.

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