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Confession# 6083

Submitted 05/21/14 @ 11:48pm

Biggest regret was doing things with my drunk friend while I was really drunk and never figuring out how to tell them. I wouldn't have known how to even start that conversation.

Confession# 6081

Submitted 05/21/14 @ 9:52pm

I ended up getting 100% on a Comm Arts final, but I haven't told anyone because I'd feel like a douche for bringing it up.

Confession# 6080

Submitted 05/21/14 @ 5:44pm

In the past week since school got out, I've hooked up with a TCU cheerleader and a Minnesota cheerleader. I finished in inconvenient ways both times just because I hate their football teams and it's what Bucky would want.

Confession# 6079

Submitted 05/21/14 @ 2:26pm

I wanted you to fight for me, not just let me walk away.

Confession# 6078

Submitted 05/05/14 @ 8:25pm

I carry around a bag of chocolates and give one to my girlfriend every time I see her. She gets an extra one if she's having a bad day, and two extra if she's on her period.

Confession# 6077

Submitted 05/05/14 @ 11:33am

I lost my virginity to one of my good friends. My boyfriend still thinks I'm a virgin.

Confession# 6076

Submitted 05/05/14 @ 1:26pm

I was fixing my tampon string in history class and my teacher mad eye contact with me. Awkward.

Confession# 6074

Submitted 05/02/14 @ 11:58am

This guy I've been talking to told me he'd cheat on his girlfriend for me (didn't know he had one) and that maybe one day I could be more than "the other woman". Hey asshole, no woman wants to be "the other woman".

Confession# 6073

Submitted 05/01/14 @ 11:45pm

When I get out of college I am getting 2 pet chimpanzees. We are going to play so much Xbox together.

Confession# 6072

Submitted 05/02/14 @ 12:47am

My mom is the CEO of one of America's largest companies and not even one of my friends knows. People judge you on the campus for having money too quickly.