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Confession# 2120

Submitted 03/15/13 @ 10:13am Confession# 4657

Sitting in my Math 222 Midterm today. Kid sitting next to me gets halfway through, says "Jesus Christ", takes out his Breathalyzer and blows into it, he precedes to say "Fuck....", put the breathalyzer away, drink an ENTIRE water bottle in one sitting and continue with the test. God Bless Madison.

Confession# 1985

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 9:11am

I once received a call from a girl who claimed she was sleeping with my boyfriend of the time and that I should back off. I did end up breaking up with him, and then proceeded to make a fake email account, replying to creepy "casual encounters " ads on Craigslist with her number.

Confession# 2003

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 10:29am

I was watching porn and saw my Sociology TA. It was the most awkward yet entertaining experience of my life.

Confession# 2035

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 3:43pm Confession# 4339

I'm still embarrassed of that giant turd statue in front of Camp Randell

Confession# 2047

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 4:57pm Confession# 4357

Who the fuck are all these high schoolers liking my confessions? Infidels...

Confession# 1986

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 9:01am

It's sad that our grandparents had worked in mines, fought in the two world wars and then built thousands of miles of railroads, all without complaining and for the good of the country and their family but now people complain about having to find a job and live off of other people. Show some sense of responsibility and get your asses off of your couch, put on your work boots and stop taking your share of the "dole". I'm sure you could at least handle flipping burgers.

Confession# 2037

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 3:00pm Confession# 4343

My friend sent this picture at 2am last year on St. Paddy's Day. To his mom.

Confession# 2584

Submitted 03/25/13 @ 10:34pm

What do a Madison and Minnesota student have in common? Both got accepted to Minnesota.

Confession# 1950

Submitted 03/13/13 @ 7:51pm

After sex, my boyfriend and I run around naked doing role-play. This particular day, he was a policeman and I was the victim, and as he was handcuffing me to have more sex on the couch, my roommate walked in. She almost called the police because she thought he was raping me. We explained the situation to her, and now she avoids both of us.

Confession# 1953

Submitted 03/13/13 @ 8:05pm

I have a password on my phone because I believe in safe sexting.

Confession# 2001

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 10:10am

Havent told anyone yet, but I am now! I am openly gay! Have been my whole life!

Confession# 1958

Submitted 03/13/13 @ 9:48pm

When my dog died all I wanted was one more game of catch.

Confession# 1991

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 9:29am

I have straight up vodka in my water bottle right now. Usually by the time I hit Thursday I need some alcohol to get through classes.