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Confession# 2032

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 3:10pm Confession# 4331

I feel bad for people who are Minnesota fans. Goofy gophers, winning is for badgers.

Confession# 2799

Submitted 04/02/13 @ 11:07am

I had a girlfriend that was killed by a drunk driver my senior year of high school. In the couple years since it has always haunted me because if I had taken her home that night we would have gone a different route, and she'd still be alive. I have suffered from depression because of the guilt I feel. Last night I had a dream her and I were together walking through the woods like we always did. She told me everything was going to be okay with me, that she was in a better place, and that I needed to finally move on. I truly believe that this was her reaching out to me, and letting me know I need to stop feeling guilty. I miss her everyday, but I think she's right. It's time for me to forgive myself, and move on.

Confession# 1997

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 8:38am

On December 22nd I walked out of my house and started running around the street screaming, "The Doctor! He did it! He saved us!"

Confession# 1975

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 1:36am Confession# 4168

Yo Coach Anderson, I think you really need to start incorporating some nap time into practice. These guys can barely make it through lecture! Whatever works as long as we get back to the Rose Bowl next year!

Confession# 1976

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 1:27am

I work at a grocery store, and I die a little inside whenever people come in and pay with EBT/Food stamps, all clad in designer clothes. Like really, you can afford a Coach purse, but you can't buy your own goddamned lunch. Fuck you.

Confession# 1968

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 12:43am Confession# 4147

I work hard at school because someday I want to have a house like this.

Confession# 3296

Submitted 04/23/13 @ 8:38pm

The hottest woman in the world quickly becomes hideous the moment she lights up a cigarette.

Confession# 2393

Submitted 03/20/13 @ 10:18pm

'Twas the night before The Madness and all through the land not a Badger fan was stirring, not even the band. The Big Ten banners were hung from the Kohl Center with care, in hopes that an NCAA Championship soon would be there. Sam Dekker was nestled all snug in his bed while visions of dunking over Marshall Henderson danced in his head. I heard Coach Bo exclaim as the bus drove out of sight "Bruesewitz's fro made it in Cosmo, now have a good night!"

Confession# 2855

Submitted 04/03/13 @ 10:01pm

Say what you wish but I dont have sex with girls unless I'm in a relationship with them. I have more respect for women than that.

Confession# 2091

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 9:14pm

I watch the girls high school basketball tournament every year solely to see the losing teams girls cry.

Confession# 2204

Submitted 03/17/13 @ 7:04pm

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.- Albus Dumbledore