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Confession# 4665

Submitted 09/27/13 @ 11:30am

I've only worn underwear 3 times since the semester started.

Confession# 4662

Submitted 09/27/13 @ 1:26am

I miss the good old days when Trix Cereal was shaped like pieces of real fruit.

Confession# 4652

Submitted 09/25/13 @ 6:10pm

If you get arrested on Halloween hopefully it's by me because i'm gonna be dressed up as a slutty police officer.

Confession# 4644

Submitted 09/25/13 @ 1:01am

I went to Madison for a year and loved it, but transferred out of state to a school that had a path of study more in line with my career goals. While I enjoy the school and the move went well, I realize everyday more and more how much I miss Madison and everything about it: the lakes, the campus, the friends I left behind, etc. There's just something special at Madison that no other school can replicate and I miss that.

Confession# 4642

Submitted 09/24/13 @ 10:58pm

The hardest decision I made in regards to attending UW was deciding which of my bongs to bring.

Confession# 4635

Submitted 09/23/13 @ 11:26pm

I spent the past 8 hours getting high and playing GTA V.