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Confession# 3873

Submitted 06/21/13 @ 1:47am

After accounting for school fees, financial aid, and the money I'll be making between the 3 jobs I have over this summer, I've concluded that the only realistic way to pay for the rest of the costs is stripping.

Confession# 3871

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 8:17pm

After attending SOAR last week, I am amazed at the amount of hot guys on campus. I can't wait for Welcome Week.

Confession# 3870

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 9:41pm

I secretly love Jesus but am too afraid to admit it. I know my atheist friends will hate me and my dad will probably disown me.

Confession# 3869

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 10:43pm

Having a professor that waits until the day before an exam to give you a study guide is like having a girlfriend that wants to wait six months to have sex. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Confession# 3868

Submitted 06/20/13 @ 8:48am

Anyone else get shit-faced and puke while at SOAR? It's gonna be a great 4 years.

Confession# 3865

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 1:41pm

NCAA 14 is going to replace my girlfriend for a solid month after it gets released.

Confession# 3862

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 5:39pm

I love when guys have enough confidence to go lay out and tan with all the girls! Such a turn on.

Confession# 3861

Submitted 06/19/13 @ 5:36pm

I've watched more Girl Code than any straight guy should.

Confession# 3860

Submitted 06/18/13 @ 7:01pm

I watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia daily. Those are the types of friendships I dream of.