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Confession# 3562

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 9:07pm

I fell asleep while my girlfriend was giving me a blowjob, I'm not sure if I was that tired, or she was that bad.

Confession# 3563

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 9:53pm

Weed: Legalize it, tax it, smoke it, love it. COME AT ME RON SWANSON

Confession# 3574

Submitted 05/14/13 @ 1:51am

I will be drinking a weak mixer tomorrow before my English 169 final. I justify this behavior because alcohol helps me write better and takes away the nerves.

Confession# 3569

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 10:02pm

I'm in love with my girlfriend, but when she gives me blow jobs I close my eyes and pretend it's her roommate doing the job.

Confession# 3568

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 10:31pm

Calling someone ignorant for their political views that may differ from your own, is in fact ignorant as well. Funny how those that claim to be ultra informed and tolerant quickly change once they're proven wrong or somebody doesn't agree with their fantasy view of reality.

Confession# 3561

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 9:23pm

"Treat others as you would like to to treated." Something we have been told since we were little but I just thought some people needed to hear it again.

Confession# 3555

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 3:30pm

Now that Greg Stiemsma is in the NBA, I don't feel so bad about trying to guard him in high school. You know what they say, "You can't see the stars when you're standing under the tree."

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