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Confession# 3578

Submitted 05/14/13 @ 11:25am

My homie and I are ripping hitters and discussing life on the top of Bascom. It's the best way to study for our finals.

Confession# 3580

Submitted 05/14/13 @ 10:31am

Got drunk before my Spanish oral final. Still got an A.

Confession# 3573

Submitted 05/14/13 @ 3:43am

My girlfriend wants a threesome, but she said she would only do it if we did it twice. Once with another girl and once with another guy. I think I'm going for it.

Confession# 3567

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 10:51pm

A couple years ago my brother and I worked at a McDonalds. Before we quit, we stole one of the "m" hole punchers, which are used on the "buy 4 get one free" McCafe cards. We ask for the coffee cards whenever we can, and hole punch them ourselves. I haven't bought an iced mocha in 3 years.

Confession# 3571

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 10:27pm

5 things every girl should have in her purse: 1. Chapstick 2. Gum 3. Ibuprofen 4. Tampons 5. A flask

Confession# 3564

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 10:07pm

I follow Madison Confessions because the shit people post is so ridiculously funny.

Confession# 3570

Submitted 05/13/13 @ 10:21pm

I've seen more titties in my anthropology 104 class films than I have in real life .

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