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Confession# 3604

Submitted 05/17/13 @ 9:51pm

This is for all college men out there, go get her. I don't care who you are. Go get her. If she's some girl you just saw and can't get your mind off of her, go get her. If you just got out of a relationship with her, but still can't stop thinking about her, go get her. Because yeah, we're in college so we as guys like to act like they don't give an f, but it sure as hell is going to suck when you're all alone. Go get that girl who makes you a better man, who forgives you for all the stupid shit you do, and hold tight to her because your not going to find anyone quite like her. Now grow some balls and go get your woman!

Confession# 3603

Submitted 05/17/13 @ 9:21pm

The UW Softball team is kicking ass. Keep up the good work in the NCAA Tournament! Go Badgers!

Confession# 3599

Submitted 05/17/13 @ 12:14pm

Everyone in the dorm is packing up, greeting family, or studying for their last final. I'm just sitting here masturbating.

Confession# 3597

Submitted 05/17/13 @ 1:35pm

Getting buzzed before my test was one of the better ideas of the week, took some of the nerves off.

Confession# 3600

Submitted 05/17/13 @ 3:32pm

To celebrate finishing my last final here at Madison and graduation, first thing I did was smoke a bowl and watch the series finale of The Office. Congrats Badgers!

Confession# 3596

Submitted 05/16/13 @ 4:41pm

The entire Student Section chanting "You Fucked Up!" to Utah State's kicker when he botched the game winning field goal was the closest I've felt with the rest of the student body so far.

Confession# 3594

Submitted 05/16/13 @ 8:21pm

When I was around 3 years old, our teenage house-maid tried teaching me sex and actually pinned me down and attempted to make my limp penis enter her vagina. I did not get any erection, neither did I derive any pleasure from it, but it shocks me now thinking about it.

Confession# 3591

Submitted 05/16/13 @ 3:23pm

Would a lion ever cheat on his wife? No, but a Tiger Wood.

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