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Confession# 2701

Submitted 03/29/13 @ 5:21pm

Almost lost my virginity last night but I was drunk and the guy thought it would be wrong to take advantage of me.

Confession# 2586

Submitted 03/25/13 @ 11:57pm

I came to college a virgin because I'd never found a guy that I cared about enough to give myself to. I had been dating my current boyfriend for six months, and we didn't have sex. I told him I wasn't ready to lose my virginity very early on in our relationship. He never once pressured me or made me feel inferior for not wanting to have sex. He was 100% supportive of my decision, and last night I finally felt close enough to him to lose my virginity. I couldn't be happier that I waited to have sex.

Confession# 2611

Submitted 03/26/13 @ 7:39pm

I sometimes wish I was a guy so I could play with my own penis.

Confession# 2140

Submitted 03/15/13 @ 4:55pm

I just watched the basketball game lying naked on my boyfriend, then we had celebratory sex. Go Badgers!

Confession# 2213

Submitted 03/17/13 @ 10:58pm Confession# 5223

I've only been dating my girlfriend for a month and a half and I already know I'm going to marry her. Even have a ring picked out and plan on proposing in the fall. Greatest feeling in the world when you "just know".

Confession# 2187

Submitted 03/17/13 @ 3:50pm Confession# 5079

Every day I wish Wisconsin had a baseball team (not club). It's rough trying to follow Cal State Fullerton every year.

Confession# 2119

Submitted 03/15/13 @ 12:37am

The number of girls you brag about drunkenly hooking up with this coming spring break is directly proportional to how many people hate you.

Confession# 2880

Submitted 04/04/13 @ 3:23pm

I had sex with my girlfriend on Governors island, looking at the entire city. Then we went to dinner with my parents.

Confession# 2999

Submitted 04/09/13 @ 1:25pm

After having been in an abusive relationship in the past, I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great boyfriend now. It's nice being called "beautiful" instead of "bitch", being asked what I want to do instead of being told what to do, and being kissed instead of hit. I am so blessed now and I've never been happier.

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