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Confession# 2765

Submitted 04/01/13 @ 12:21am Confession# 8191

I will be walking around Madison as Spider-Man soon. Be prepared.

Confession# 2597

Submitted 03/26/13 @ 3:57am

Did a bag pull on the beach in PCB. Needless to say the guys were blown away by my consistency/drinking because two girls from West Virginia lasted a second each. They asked me where I was from. My response "Bred in Wisconsin, Bred for success". Their response, "respect".

Confession# 2745

Submitted 03/31/13 @ 8:05am

I went on spring break to Mexico, and I'm not coming back. My family knew my intentions when I left, but nobody else does. I cleared my bank accounts, tied up all my loose ends, and I'm now ready to disappear. I've grown tired of the cluttered life, and I need to find myself. I'm not sure where I'll go from here. Maybe I'll keep heading south. Who knows. Once I find a place I really love I'll stop. To my friends back in Madison, you made my couple years of college amazing! I love all of you.

Confession# 2755

Submitted 03/31/13 @ 4:40pm

I have a thing for girls who don't care what others think of them.

Confession# 2678

Submitted 03/28/13 @ 4:16pm

Every time I write a paper the night before, I put the date as 3 or 4 days before the paper is due.

Confession# 2696

Submitted 03/29/13 @ 1:06pm

All I want out of college is a degree and a threesome.

Confession# 1936

Submitted 03/13/13 @ 2:45pm

I sometimes pay for the next customer's food in the drive thru.

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