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Confession# 2012

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 12:31pm

I saw mice (yes plural) in the east campus Walgreens today. They were chilling and eating the pasteries on the bottom shelf. Never will I go there again.

Confession# 1993

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 9:09am

Early on life I was told that the best way to get a promotion is to work hard and be nice to your boss. That's all a lie. You have to get down on both knees grab his balls and deep throat him until you suck him dry. Then maybe you move up in the world. Needless to say I have a sticky throat.

Confession# 1941

Submitted 03/13/13 @ 4:40pm

After every good workout, I always reward myself with a fat joint.

Confession# 1970

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 12:56am Confession# 4153

Best of luck to the Badgers hockey team this weekend against UMD!

Confession# 3146

Submitted 04/16/13 @ 12:27am

I just got banned from for requesting tit pics.

Confession# 3260

Submitted 04/22/13 @ 12:57pm

I'm North Korean. I made it across the border to South Korea with my family 13 years ago, and moved to the United States 7 years ago. When I'm asked where I'm from, I always say South Korea because the looks I get when people find out I'm from North Korea are humiliating. There are so many things wrong with my country. My life is so much better living in Wisconsin.

Confession# 3193

Submitted 04/18/13 @ 10:25am Confession# 10730

I'm way too excited to see the Varsity Band concert tonight.

Confession# 3126

Submitted 04/15/13 @ 10:59am

I don't mind paying taxes. I love knowing that someday, I'll be able to send my children to a quality school. I love the fact that I can hop on a city bus and have that bus drive me on public roads to some destination. I love knowing that the men and women fighting in other countries-even if I don't agree with them being there- have proper protection. I like knowing that if my house were to start on fire, fire fighters would be there to not only try and save my house, but also, save me if I am stuck inside. And, I feel happy knowing that because I can afford it, I can help a family who was unfortunate enough to fall on ill-circumstances, and needs some help feeding their children. Really, when you think about it, that tax that you pay really isn't that much of a burden.

Confession# 2560

Submitted 03/25/13 @ 2:49pm

Surprised my boyfriend on his return from a trip by wearing my Princess Leia costume with my hair in the famous Star Wars buns. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, and the sex was great too.

Confession# 2557

Submitted 03/25/13 @ 12:20pm

I love having rough sex, getting my hair pulled, going really hard, and especially the dirty talk! I just love being taken advantage of!

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