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Confession# 2093

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 10:15pm Confession# 4509

I am a girl that is secretly obsessed with all things Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. Closet nerd and virtually none of my friends know. Judge me.

Confession# 1933

Submitted 03/13/13 @ 2:29pm

The fact that Stephen Colbert wasn't elected Pope should be a sin.

Confession# 1977

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 1:11am

Trying to figure out if its weird that I take my used condoms with me after I have sex with a girl because I'm afraid she'll pull something.

Confession# 2847

Submitted 04/03/13 @ 5:36pm

While a lot of my friends were in PCB for spring break I was getting blood tests and bone marrow exams. I was formally diagnosed with multiple myeloma (essentially bone marrow cancer) this week but I haven't told anyone outside my family yet. Cancer is a tough fight, but these posts have helped me see that there is a big community of young thrivors (some merely call them survivors) here at Madison and I can't wait to join them. (I also can't wait to share my remission confession with all you lovely Badgers!)

Confession# 2973

Submitted 04/08/13 @ 11:06am Confession# 9327

I am the proud grand daughter of a woman who laughed in the face of death and pulled off the greatest acting performance of all time. My grandmother was a holocaust survivor and her stories of triumph over Nazi persecution in WWII were my bed time stories growing up. Though none of it would not have been possible if not for her boyfriend at the time. A man named Hansi Biro. He saved my grandmother and provided her with false papers, an excellent cover as a nanny for a prominent christian family, and saved he from the Russian bombs and rapists that came with the collapse of the Nazi regime. My mother and I have been on the search for this man our whole lives, to thank him for what he did and what he risked to save my grandmother. We owe our lives to him. I can only hope he or his descendants see this and know, we will never forget.

Confession# 2805

Submitted 04/02/13 @ 4:10pm

I'm so glad Lent is over. Can finally masturbate again.

Confession# 2944

Submitted 04/07/13 @ 12:22pm Confession# 9148

I was at a costume party, and a guy came dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. The police show up, and I look over and this guy dressed as Captain Sparrow is standing on the back porch. He shouts out to the police "Gentlemen, you will forever remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow". He jumped off the back porch, and was never seen again. Part of me hopes he is still attending parties at night, evading the police, and righting all the wrongs in the universe.

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