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Confession# 6023

Submitted 04/14/14 @ 12:15am

When a girl says, "I need space" what she really means is, "you should probably try harder"

Confession# 6022

Submitted 04/14/14 @ 8:08am

My boyfriend has no idea how close I am to leaving him.

Confession# 6021

Submitted 04/12/14 @ 7:41pm

Meatheads that are all muscle and no brain are the worst type of person at this school.

Confession# 6020

Submitted 04/12/14 @ 8:28pm

Got way too drunk last night, and two police officers drove me home while talking about their college lives. It was awesome.

Confession# 6019

Submitted 04/12/14 @ 6:21pm

Paying your taxes is one of the most depressing things ever. I can't wait to see how the government wastes more of my money.

Confession# 6018

Submitted 04/13/14 @ 8:36am

My friend from Michigan is constantly insulted and annoyed by how nice everyone is here. "Why are you smiling at me? You don't know me!"

Confession# 6016

Submitted 04/11/14 @ 1:29pm

You know you're into a girl when you delete your Tinder.

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