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Confession# 3772

Submitted 06/09/13 @ 1:22am

I just found out that my boyfriend never had strong "feelings" for me! But felt a deep enough connection to get in my pants. He can go eat dog shit for all I care.

Confession# 3771

Submitted 06/08/13 @ 8:03pm

I work for ResNet, and the amount of porn that gets streamed through the system is absolutely incredible.

Confession# 3770

Submitted 06/08/13 @ 3:17pm

I bought 5 NFL jerseys this year all for under $30, all good quality, and all from China. S/O to all my sweatshops out there!

Confession# 3769

Submitted 06/08/13 @ 7:56pm

Drinking with my high school friends is awkward now that I need a 10 beer head start.

Confession# 3767

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 11:17pm

They totally should make a diet beer with like 0 calories like the sodas. Girls would totally drink more beer if there was a diet beer!

Confession# 3766

Submitted 06/08/13 @ 8:03am

Getting head while watching The Godfather has to be one of most amazing things that's happened to me.

Confession# 3765

Submitted 06/08/13 @ 12:16pm

I'm coming to UW from out of state, and I'm worried that I won't be able to keep up with the drinking caliber of the Wisconsin natives.

Confession# 3764

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 3:54pm

My boss tried to get me to sleep with him in the first week of working at my full time job. I said no and things are now very awkward around the office.

Confession# 3763

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 3:36pm

In 6 years of college I've accumulated over $100,000 in loan debt and all I have to show for it is a bachelors in sociology.

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