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Confession# 3752

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 10:32am

I grew up in Madison and always thought that I'd be a Badger someday, but a week before freshman year (high school) I moved to Arizona. Lets just say that I've pissed of a lot of Sundevil fans. Being a badger fan outside of Wisconsin is definetley hard, but worth it. See you guys in Madison in a few years. ON WISCONSIN!!!!

Confession# 3751

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 7:37pm

I can't wait to see the movie "The Purge". I can't imagine what I'd do if all crime was legal for 12 hours. Hide and stay safe or try to do something crazy? You never know.

Confession# 3749

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 6:27pm

I'm a pretty easy-going guy, and not much bothers me in this world, but what really grinds my gears is how people chew their food.

Confession# 3748

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 5:31pm

I have a guy best friend and a girl best friend. I'm in love with him and they're in love with each other.

Confession# 3745

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 1:46pm

When a guy tells me he likes cats more than dogs I'm instantly attracted to him.

Confession# 3744

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 1:51pm

I secretly put money in my boyfriend's pocket because he needs it but is too proud to ever ask for help.

Confession# 3743

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 2:04pm

After four years of college, I am still a closeted gay male in fear that my parents and friends will not accept me.

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