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Confession# 3742

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 10:55am

The greatest generation to ever live were those who fought in WWII. Today we should all remember them on the anniversary of D-Day.

Confession# 3741

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 8:51am

I steal toilet paper from work because its better than the stuff I have at home.

Confession# 3740

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 8:59am

I'm a native Wisconsinite who moved to Colorado for college. Reading all these confessions makes me realize that this state has nothing on my home. Stay drunk; and On Wisconsin!

Confession# 3739

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 8:16am

You don't have to support the war, but always support the warriors.

Confession# 3738

Submitted 06/05/13 @ 5:34pm

Everyone thinks I'm not a virgin because I dated a player, but little do they know I still am one.

Confession# 3737

Submitted 06/05/13 @ 9:30pm

One of my favorite parts of summer is being able to read for fun.

Confession# 3736

Submitted 06/05/13 @ 11:05pm

Last night I had a dream that I shit myself. I woke up to find out it wasn't a dream.

Confession# 3735

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 12:43am

While serving at a restaurant on Memorial Day, I overheard two customers talking about how they don't believe that the people who fought in the war in Iraq/Afghanistan should be honored because it's a "useless" war. I spit in their drinks.

Confession# 3734

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 3:22am

I just found out that a guy from my high school has a tattoo right above his junk and it reads "Est. 1992". I am more inclined as ever to bang him now.

Confession# 3733

Submitted 06/05/13 @ 8:07am

Madison Confessions has changed this campus forever, and the women now seem so much more outgoing and sexual.

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