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Confession# 3708

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 4:56pm

I don't know why people apologizes for drunk texts. Everyone knows that drunk words are sober thoughts. You're not fooling anyone!

Confession# 3707

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 3:24pm

I love my boyfriend, but I don't think I'm country enough for his redneck lifestyle.

Confession# 3706

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 1:53pm

My long distance love interest is mailing me boxers and socks so that I dont have to do my laundry!

Confession# 3704

Submitted 06/01/13 @ 6:23pm

I will never understand why people stay with their boyfriend/girlfriend when they know they aren't right for each other.

Confession# 3703

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 12:36am

I've thought about suicide because of how stressful school is.

Confession# 3701

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 3:04am

There is this guy I know who always gets friend zoned by girls. Little does he know I've always had feelings for him because he is sweet, caring, and always knows how to make you feel special. He always has a hug in store for you when you see him. My heart skips a beat every single time I see him and he's the only person I've ever had feelings for that I can remember the exact moment I first saw him. They don't lie: there will always be that one person that you will always have feelings for that you can't quite shake off.

Confession# 3700

Submitted 05/31/13 @ 2:57pm

Saw one of my TA's in a bar last night. We started to talk and before you know it we were at his house and him and his roommate were fucking my brains out!!!! I knew the way he looked at me in class meant he wanted my sweet pussy! LOVED IT!!!

Confession# 3699

Submitted 05/31/13 @ 8:45pm

I'm a Democrat and don't like Scott Walker but I'm not going to lie, I kind of like that he froze our tuition for a while.

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