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Confession# 3698

Submitted 06/01/13 @ 1:29am

I was fingering my girlfriend at Amys, then I spilled her drink on her. The fingering ceased to continue.

Confession# 3697

Submitted 06/01/13 @ 2:29am

I follow Bret Bielema on twitter for the sole purpose of someday sending him a tweet so spiteful, and clever, that he will never think of a solid comeback.

Confession# 3696

Submitted 06/01/13 @ 9:48am

I read books on advanced statistical methods and theory while sitting on the shitter, I figure it's better then the newspaper.

Confession# 3694

Submitted 05/30/13 @ 9:36pm

Last night I gave my boyfriend head for the first time, and I swallowed like a champ!

Confession# 3693

Submitted 05/30/13 @ 10:13pm

I got a blowjob from a fellow nursing student. I'm married.

Confession# 3692

Submitted 05/30/13 @ 10:31pm

I just had sex on the beach for the first time. Big thank you to Naples, Florida!

Confession# 3691

Submitted 05/31/13 @ 9:50am

My biggest fear is that the only girl I will ever love will never love me back in the way she once did again.

Confession# 3690

Submitted 05/31/13 @ 9:40am

I'm a girl and I love to masturbate. Boys, you aren't the only ones who like to play with yourself ;)

Confession# 3689

Submitted 05/30/13 @ 1:35pm

I got an abortion, and now I feel terrible. The fact that I murdered my own child makes me hate myself. Ladies you have no idea how bad this guilt is. Don't do it, and feel like I do.

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