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Confession# 3688

Submitted 05/30/13 @ 1:10pm

Yesterday I had a makeout sesh with a chick related to Chris Farley.

Confession# 3687

Submitted 05/30/13 @ 2:18pm

I was watching the Blackhawk's game last night at my boyfriend's house. (I'm a huge blackhawk's fan) He fingered me three times in the third quarter while I was watching the game because he knows I can't resist, but also knows I had to watch the game. I ended up having at least five orgasms AND managed to watch every second.

Confession# 3685

Submitted 05/29/13 @ 2:35pm

My grandpa worked for the CIA in Washington, and he knows secrets about the JFK assassination.

Confession# 3683

Submitted 05/29/13 @ 8:09pm

I masturbated in the rain with nothing but a towel and a bra on. It was awesome.

Confession# 3682

Submitted 05/30/13 @ 1:31am

Everyday before going to my bestfriend's house I chew some gum in hopes that he'll finally kiss me.

Confession# 3681

Submitted 05/30/13 @ 9:21am

On my summer vacation I nanny for an extremely wealthy family, they say they make their millions in construction but I'm pretty sure they are part of an underground mafia organization.

Confession# 3680

Submitted 05/28/13 @ 10:15pm

I have romantic thoughts about my soccer coach. We'd make a perfect couple. The only problem is that he has a wife and two kids.

Confession# 3679

Submitted 05/28/13 @ 11:50pm

Guys who I can geek out with about Star Wars and Star Trek are seriously the hottest.

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