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Confession# 3722

Submitted 06/03/13 @ 6:04pm

My roomate always left food containers out all over our room. A friend of mine visiting dipped his penis in her peanut butter jar. The next day I watched her eat spoonfuls of peanut butter from that jar.

Confession# 3721

Submitted 06/03/13 @ 10:51pm

While I was in San Francisco last summer, the man working the trolley saw my Wisconsin hoodie and gave us a free trolley ride because he was a huge Aaron Rogers fan. I wasn't about to tell him that I'm a Bears fan.

Confession# 3720

Submitted 06/03/13 @ 10:11pm

I come from a poor family and have no help whatsoever from my parents. I feel so sad knowing that i will be forever in debt to student loan companies, and will never be truly be free to do what i want with my life. College was supposed to open opportunities for me, but all it's done is make my financial situation 100 times worse.

Confession# 3718

Submitted 06/03/13 @ 4:32pm

I don't need wi-fi because I can see my neighbors have sex all the time.

Confession# 3717

Submitted 06/03/13 @ 2:57pm

I came down to Madison a few days early for SOAR and my friend and I got drunk. I'm happy that this is just a warm up for whats to come. ON WISCONSIN!!!

Confession# 3716

Submitted 06/03/13 @ 8:44am

Ever since the bugs started coming out for the summer I have an irrational fear of one burrowing in my ear and having babies.

Confession# 3715

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 9:05pm

My friends enjoy the way guys look at them, checking them out in the bars and on the streets. But when a guy looks at me or any of my friends that way I can't help but stare them down with a death glare. None of my friends know why, but it's because I was raped and I don't trust any guy who isn't a relative.

Confession# 3714

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 10:47pm

I'm actually more attracted to girls who don't wear make up.

Confession# 3713

Submitted 06/03/13 @ 12:06am

My roommate and I have sex at least 3 times a week. He thinks it's just casual but I'm in love with him.

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