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Confession# 3732

Submitted 06/05/13 @ 3:10pm

I'm gonna be going here next fall as a freshman and I'm really hoping to hook up with one of my TAs.

Confession# 3731

Submitted 06/05/13 @ 4:01pm

Girls know they have a true friend when the can openly cry together. Guys know they have a true friend when the can openly talk about masturbating together.

Confession# 3730

Submitted 06/04/13 @ 3:12pm

I'm pregnant and I'm not sure how other students will treat me when I go back to school in fall.

Confession# 3729

Submitted 06/04/13 @ 10:30pm

Most people say that their wife or girlfriend complete them. The Office completes me.

Confession# 3728

Submitted 06/04/13 @ 10:13pm

I suffer from mild depression and have for most of my life. At one point I was suicidal. Right now I feel loved and needed. This is because of my dog. I rescued him two years ago but he also rescued me. Pets truly make your world a better place. There is no other unconditional love like a love from your dog.

Confession# 3727

Submitted 06/04/13 @ 10:33pm

I just found out my boyfriend of six years dumped me seven months ago not because he wanted to focus on himself but because he got another girl pregnant. He now has a daughter and it feels like he just broke up with me all over again .

Confession# 3726

Submitted 06/04/13 @ 10:22pm

How do I know the Bears still suck? They are giving Jamarcus Russell a tryout, but anything is a step up from Cutler.

Confession# 3725

Submitted 06/04/13 @ 7:26pm

Today, I Googled my dad's name because I was bored. I found out he is a recovered alcoholic and drug abuser. I had never expected to find that. Now, I'm scared to drink anymore, especially since I have to drink a lot to get drunk, even though I barely drink. I feel crushed and I wish I could just forget everything I read today. However, I am proud of my dad for staying sober and overcoming his addiction.

Confession# 3724

Submitted 06/04/13 @ 9:45am

Just moved here for the summer & went from being a Platteville 9 to a Madison 5. Now I actually have to try and it sucks.

Confession# 3723

Submitted 06/04/13 @ 1:16pm

The more I think about it, the more I realize I couldn't care less about building some career after college that I probably won't be able to find. All I want is to be able to drop out, start a family with my future husband and focus on raising and loving my family, but society and my family probably wouldn't support that.

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