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Confession# 3612

Submitted 05/18/13 @ 5:38pm

Why go to church for confession, when I can just go on Facebook.

Confession# 3611

Submitted 05/18/13 @ 3:42pm

Thanks to the random lady who found me a short, straight stick to take to graduation. My Gryffindor costume wouldn't have been complete without it.

Confession# 3610

Submitted 05/18/13 @ 12:01pm

My mission after my finals are all over is to get real weird with Anders Holm.

Confession# 3609

Submitted 05/18/13 @ 12:06pm

Upon completion of my Accounting final I stood up, said Fuck Yeah, and took a shot of whiskey from the flask I brought with me.

Confession# 3605

Submitted 05/17/13 @ 10:47pm

I cheated on every single quiz we had in history this year. Finished with a 98.6% overall.

Confession# 3608

Submitted 05/18/13 @ 1:52am

Like any good son should do, I cleared my internet history before going home for the summer.

Confession# 3602

Submitted 05/17/13 @ 8:33pm

Studying with the smart, hot guy from class. Sounds like a good idea. Spent all night before the exam in a dream like state of desire.

Confession# 3601

Submitted 05/17/13 @ 7:41pm

My last final ended at 12:05. I started drinking at 12:15.

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