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Confession# 3627

Submitted 05/20/13 @ 12:41am

One of my biggest fears right now is that I won't be in a serious relationship anytime soon. I know this sounds rather pathetic but I finally feel ready for something serious and both guys I've had deep feelings for have either fallen for someone else or just not expressed interest in being more than friends. It's just really discouraging and I wish I didn't feel this way.

Confession# 3621

Submitted 05/19/13 @ 8:10pm

I love my boyfriend, but some of the things he does upset me. I'm Russian, and whenever he cums on my face he shouts how he's freeing me from Communism and tyranny.

Confession# 3616

Submitted 05/19/13 @ 1:20pm

Went to graduation with my girlfriends parents today. Cheered when I recognized my drug dealer going across the stage. They were confused.

Confession# 3620

Submitted 05/19/13 @ 8:12pm

I just recently moved to California, and UW-Madison Confessions makes me feel so much closer to home. Badgers rock!

Confession# 3623

Submitted 05/19/13 @ 7:01pm

My best friends told me that if I dated a black guy they didn't want to hang out anymore. As they said, "Once you go black we don't want you back".

Confession# 3624

Submitted 05/19/13 @ 7:50pm

I had sex with four guys who told me they were The Creator. I actually met the real Creator last Thursday, and I want to kill those other guys.

Confession# 3618

Submitted 05/19/13 @ 2:40pm

I broke up with my high school sweetheart over a month ago, and I still think about him every day. Even though I'm seeing someone new, I'm not sure if I made the right decision.

Confession# 3614

Submitted 05/19/13 @ 12:01am

Tonight I was at Ian's pizza wearing a short belly shirt and short booty shorts. My friends saw other girls taking photos of my. I know you were jealous that your boyfriends were more attracted to me that your ugly asses.

Confession# 3613

Submitted 05/18/13 @ 11:35pm

Huge thank you to whoever found me and let me sleep on their couch last night. Went a little too hard celebrating the end of finals and cannot remember last night. However, I woke up on a couch somewhere in Madison, and I definitely owe whoever helped me out for life. Thanks. P.S. If you by chance are reading this and have my keys, please give a shout out.

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