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Confession# 3637

Submitted 05/21/13 @ 5:04pm

If I like someone I facebook stalk the shit out of them until I creep myself out.

Confession# 3630

Submitted 05/21/13 @ 12:15am

I finally found my soul mate, but he is moving halfway across the world. I feel completely lost.

Confession# 3631

Submitted 05/20/13 @ 9:17pm

I watched Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney channel in high school because I knew Selena Gomez would turn out to be so hot!

Confession# 3632

Submitted 05/20/13 @ 8:16pm

I had a threesome with my friend on Graduation night. We haven't talked since.

Confession# 3633

Submitted 05/20/13 @ 7:00pm

I only have one requirement for women I date : you have to like dogs. No exceptions whatsoever.

Confession# 3634

Submitted 05/20/13 @ 1:30pm

I started liking the Red Wings when I found out they threw an octopus on the ice before each game. You can say I jumped on the calamari.

Confession# 3629

Submitted 05/20/13 @ 12:41am

One day I had some shrooms laying around. I ground them up and put them in an empty adderall pill with the intention of giving it to a friend/eating it later. The next morning I woke up early for a Microbiology 101 midterm. As I'm waking up from little sleep, I grab my prescription Adderall bottle and reach in to grab one before my exam. OF COURSE I grab the one with the shrooms in them. As they kick in 45 minutes later, I realize that i did not take the Adderall. I was left with two choices - failing or giving it my best shot. I proceeded to take my Microbio exam on shrooms. I failed - got a 52.5%. I was pretty happy with that considering my state of mind. I'll never forget that moment.

Confession# 3628

Submitted 05/20/13 @ 12:48am

I slept with my girlfriend's mom. She was better than my girlfriend.

Confession# 3625

Submitted 05/19/13 @ 9:59pm

At the beginning of this year, my roommate caught me smoking weed and was going to rat me out. I offered him some and we've been best friends ever since.

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