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Confession# 6044

Submitted 04/19/14 @ 11:20am

I gave my virginity to my physics TA for an A when I was a sophomore. Now I'm about to graduate, and I'm marrying the love of my life two weeks after graduation. He told me that he knew he was going to marry me when I walked into his office that day I propositioned him for that A.

Confession# 6042

Submitted 04/19/14 @ 12:40am

My hook-up's dog just ate one of our used condoms. Its not the first time.

Confession# 6041

Submitted 04/17/14 @ 10:59am

I always have sex in my roommate's bed. Way less of a mess for me to worry about.

Confession# 6040

Submitted 04/17/14 @ 10:55pm

I'm really interested in my best guy friend but if I tell him I'm afraid he'll reject me and our friendship will be ruined.

Confession# 6039

Submitted 04/18/14 @ 1:56am

There's this white guy I really like but I'm not sure how to approach him since I am Asian.

Confession# 6038

Submitted 04/16/14 @ 12:21pm

I am dating a girl just so I can be around her hot mom.

Confession# 6037

Submitted 04/16/14 @ 12:54pm

I can't seem to find a man with better talent than my vibrator.

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