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Confession# 6055

Submitted 04/23/14 @ 11:25am

Some people need to learn that leggings just aren't for them.

Confession# 6054

Submitted 04/22/14 @ 9:38am

I think people in camouflage are extremely attractive.

Confession# 6052

Submitted 04/22/14 @ 10:37pm

Just saw one of the foxes kill and start to eat a rabbit.

Confession# 6051

Submitted 04/23/14 @ 2:44am

I am in love with a coworker, and have no idea how to tell him.

Confession# 6050

Submitted 04/23/14 @ 7:49am

That awkward moment when you realize your having a threesome with your roommate's girlfriend and his sister.

Confession# 6049

Submitted 04/20/14 @ 3:29pm

Much like an ambitious sperm, I found all the eggs on Easter.

Confession# 6048

Submitted 04/20/14 @ 9:44pm

I've only had one boyfriend, but I know that he's the one I'm going to marry.

Confession# 6047

Submitted 04/21/14 @ 2:24am

Girls just want a guy who will treat her like a lady but fuck her like a slut.

Confession# 6046

Submitted 04/21/14 @ 10:26am

Just found an old crush on Tinder, can't decide how awkward it will be if I swipe right.

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