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Confession# 3644

Submitted 05/24/13 @ 12:12am

I was seeing this person for quite awhile before summer break, I would love to actually ask them to date, but I don't want to ruin anything we already had. Also I don't know what summer will bring.

Confession# 3646

Submitted 05/23/13 @ 3:55pm

Moving to Madison and going to school here has caused me to hate politics.

Confession# 3643

Submitted 05/23/13 @ 10:11am

First weekend home I threw my first party, it quickly escalated and became a naked party. Madison would have been proud.

Confession# 3648

Submitted 05/23/13 @ 12:00pm

When I was in school I wanted to surprise by boyfriend at the time by sitting on Lincolns lap, naked. I didn't think this out too well however as it was the middle of November and Lincoln was so cold I couldn't touch him, let alone get up there. The story did not end well

Confession# 3642

Submitted 05/23/13 @ 12:30am

Now that I'm not at college. I need to find a different girl to have lesbian sex with me everyday.

Confession# 3639

Submitted 05/22/13 @ 10:40pm

I make my girlfriend more wet than Noah's Ark ever could.

Confession# 3640

Submitted 05/22/13 @ 10:43pm

I secretly want to have intense lesbian sex with another girl but I have no idea how to find someone else who wants experiment with me.

Confession# 3641

Submitted 05/22/13 @ 12:19pm

I cried like a baby when I heard the song "Clouds" by Zach Sobiech. Such an inspiring young man from a tragic situation.

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