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Confession# 3648

Submitted 05/23/13 @ 12:00pm

When I was in school I wanted to surprise by boyfriend at the time by sitting on Lincolns lap, naked. I didn't think this out too well however as it was the middle of November and Lincoln was so cold I couldn't touch him, let alone get up there. The story did not end well

Confession# 3652

Submitted 05/25/13 @ 6:38am

If I am at the bars and a girl takes my hat and puts it on. I instantly want to rail her super hard.

Confession# 3674

Submitted 05/28/13 @ 6:10pm

I am a senior in High School and after following this page and reading how supportive the people are, I've decided to go Madison.

Confession# 3649

Submitted 05/24/13 @ 2:17pm

I get jealous when my boyfriend likes other girls pictures.

Confession# 3653

Submitted 05/26/13 @ 12:14pm

Last night at a party, my girl friends from Madison and I challenged a bunch of our non-Badger guy friends to flip cup. After we won we told them it was "really cute how they tried." Their looks of defeat as they put their shirts back on were priceless. Lady Badgers represent!

Confession# 3642

Submitted 05/23/13 @ 12:30am

Now that I'm not at college. I need to find a different girl to have lesbian sex with me everyday.

Confession# 3639

Submitted 05/22/13 @ 10:40pm

I make my girlfriend more wet than Noah's Ark ever could.

Confession# 3640

Submitted 05/22/13 @ 10:43pm

I secretly want to have intense lesbian sex with another girl but I have no idea how to find someone else who wants experiment with me.

Confession# 3715

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 9:05pm

My friends enjoy the way guys look at them, checking them out in the bars and on the streets. But when a guy looks at me or any of my friends that way I can't help but stare them down with a death glare. None of my friends know why, but it's because I was raped and I don't trust any guy who isn't a relative.

Confession# 3691

Submitted 05/31/13 @ 9:50am

My biggest fear is that the only girl I will ever love will never love me back in the way she once did again.

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