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Confession# 2217

Submitted 03/17/13 @ 10:58pm

I am going to propose to my girlfriend before the Badgers game this Friday. Wish me luck!

Confession# 2063

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 6:43pm Confession# 4416

Football players hard at work in the back of Ag hall a couple years back.

Confession# 2549

Submitted 03/25/13 @ 12:06am Confession# 7124

My March Madness bracket has more x's than Taylor Swift.

Confession# 2374

Submitted 03/20/13 @ 4:04pm

My grandpa was a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan (he's from Wisconsin, but growing up on the farm, the Cardinals' games were the only one his radio would pick up). He suffered with several ailments for many years including Parkinson Disease, and died when I was in middle school. As soon as he did, a family of Cardinals moved into my Grandma's back-yard (coincidence?). Here on campus, I volunteer at a lab researching the affects of Parkinsons. Today, after having spent all afternoon finishing up a project for the lab, I saw a beautiful bright red cardinal perched in a tree outside VanHise as soon as I left MSC. I think someone is likes what his granddaughter is up to here at UW Madison! Just one of the many miracles here on campus.

Confession# 1206

Submitted 02/26/13 @ 7:08pm

My youngest daughter is a freshman at UW. When she left I fell into a deep depression (she does not know this) as I am all alone. When my kids come home they hang out with friends and such but dont really spend alot of time with me. 2 weeks ago my daughter came home for the weekend and I got to drive her back on Sunday morning. I dropped her at her dorm and instead of going home I parked my car and went for a walk. Down Bascom Hill, up State Street to the Capital and back. I watched some cross country ski races at the capital and stopped at Jimmy Johns for lunch. I got a window booth and sat there for over an hour watching the world go by. I thought to myself, my daughter is getting a great education, (deans list) having the time of her life (her words) and will graduate with plans to go to medical school and no debt. I have come to realize that there is no better place on the face of the earth that I would rather her be than at Wisconsin. I never went to college but if I had I would think that I would have liked to have gone here. p.s. the girls in the booth next to me where talking about this page so that is how I came to post here. Sign me a 50 something Badger Dad.

Confession# 2033

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 3:07pm Confession# 4335

His gut is about as ugly as his Rose Bowl performances.

Confession# 1984

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 9:52am

I'm completely obsessed with the Lord of the Rings, and I'm a girl. I own replicas of both the one ring and the evenstar pendant, I just hide them in my apartment so no one knows the true extent of my nerdiness.

Confession# 2873

Submitted 04/04/13 @ 10:38am

I am an athlete and I've had sex in the Kohl Center 13 times.

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