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Confession# 2798

Submitted 04/02/13 @ 2:10am

Im falling in love with a girl I don't find physically attractive. But every part of her personality I want to marry. I think I'm going to stop being a shallow guy because every minute I spend with this girl is amazing.

Confession# 3039

Submitted 04/10/13 @ 5:57pm

On rainy days, if no one is looking, I pick up worms on the sidewalk and put them in the grass.

Confession# 2593

Submitted 03/26/13 @ 12:46am

My workplace sells alcohol and I have to check IDs. I never deny or turn in the fakes.

Confession# 2636

Submitted 03/27/13 @ 4:53pm

I don't do drugs, I try them. I try some multiple times.

Confession# 2581

Submitted 03/25/13 @ 10:45pm

I'm spending my spring break at home with my parents and my dogs. I get home cooked meals and plenty of puppy love. I'd rather spend time with my family than get drunk off my ass and sleep with random guys.

Confession# 2266

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 10:12pm Confession# 5604

This is what I think when students say they're majoring in philosophy.

Confession# 2054

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 5:21pm Confession# 4386

I mean mug my roommate like no other whenever she walks out of the dorm because I hate her so much.

Confession# 2092

Submitted 03/14/13 @ 9:39pm

I just put a drop of hash oil, on the hash, on the keif, on the weed, in the bowl in my bong.

Confession# 2240

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 1:48pm

This is to all the people suffering from depression, of any degree. I may not know you and you may not know me but I am here to support and love you. You are NEVER alone. I have been suffering with severe depression for 3 years now and it has slowly been destroying me; but if you surround yourself with the right people-the kid that love and support you then you are on the right track. Do not be afraid to tell someone about your depression. I held it in from friends and family for over a year, and within that year I was in the darkest place I have ever been. I tried to kill myself 4 times until recently my best friend Bryce saved me. Everyday he sends me texts telling my how beautiful I am and how happy he is to have me as a friend. Because guess what, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Whoever tells you differently is wrong. You are beautiful AND strong and do not let anyone tell you differently. I love you and again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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