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Confession# 3831

Submitted 06/13/13 @ 5:01pm

The one thing I really hate in this world are men who go after women when they know the girl has a boyfriend.

Confession# 3815

Submitted 06/13/13 @ 2:15am

I found out I was pregnant. I was nervous my boyfriend was going to be freaked and when I told him he left, literally said I have to go and walked out. I cried my eyes out. Two hours later, he came back with a book. 10,000 baby names. I'm humiliated I doubted him for a second.

Confession# 3814

Submitted 06/13/13 @ 2:44am Confession# 13784

I believe that Edward Snowden is trying to protect our inalienable rights from the government by exposing what he has.

Confession# 3818

Submitted 06/12/13 @ 9:24pm

Pretty sure my roommate got pink eye from me putting a turd in their taco meat.

Confession# 3800

Submitted 06/12/13 @ 12:44am

My boyfriend drives me nearly everywhere and is always the first to support me in everything I do, and sometimes I forget to appreciate him. So tonight I swallowed for him for the first time.

Confession# 3782

Submitted 06/09/13 @ 12:47pm

I'm a Wisconsin native going to School in Texas, I constantly find myself barely buzzed at a party while everybody is around me crying and passed out. *sigh* On Wisconsin!

Confession# 3759

Submitted 06/07/13 @ 2:39pm

In May, I graduated from the University of Michigan. While my time in Ann Arbor was great, I chose to do my graduate work here at Wisconsin. While I could have gone anywhere, one of the reasons that I chose Wisconsin was because of this page and the support you show your fellow Badgers, and in my case the writer of Confession #1206. That confession was written by my dad, a 54 year old father of 5 from Milwaukee, who is the greatest dad that my sisters and I could ever ask for. We never realized how he felt, because like most dads he shows little emotion. But having read his confession, we have gained a whole new perspective on his life and for that I am forever grateful. He has no idea that my sisters and I know about what he wrote, and he never will, as that would be too embarrassing for him.. But as he said “there is no better place on the face of the earth than Wisconsin.” He is right.

Confession# 3744

Submitted 06/06/13 @ 1:51pm

I secretly put money in my boyfriend's pocket because he needs it but is too proud to ever ask for help.

Confession# 3715

Submitted 06/02/13 @ 9:05pm

My friends enjoy the way guys look at them, checking them out in the bars and on the streets. But when a guy looks at me or any of my friends that way I can't help but stare them down with a death glare. None of my friends know why, but it's because I was raped and I don't trust any guy who isn't a relative.

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