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Confession# 6074

Submitted 05/02/14 @ 11:58am

This guy I've been talking to told me he'd cheat on his girlfriend for me (didn't know he had one) and that maybe one day I could be more than "the other woman". Hey asshole, no woman wants to be "the other woman".

Confession# 6073

Submitted 05/01/14 @ 11:45pm

When I get out of college I am getting 2 pet chimpanzees. We are going to play so much Xbox together.

Confession# 6072

Submitted 05/02/14 @ 12:47am

My mom is the CEO of one of America's largest companies and not even one of my friends knows. People judge you on the campus for having money too quickly.

Confession# 6071

Submitted 05/02/14 @ 8:10am

Guys be like "I bought you a drink at Power Hour doesn't that mean we're going home together ".

Confession# 6070

Submitted 05/02/14 @ 9:55am

I really like a guy on my floor, but I don't want to tell him because I'm afraid he doesn't feel the same way.

Confession# 6069

Submitted 04/28/14 @ 5:34pm

All I want is to find a girl who will watch playoff hockey with me, is that too much to ask?

Confession# 6067

Submitted 04/28/14 @ 11:07pm

If I could smoke weed without losing my job, I would blaze and be much more productive.

Confession# 6066

Submitted 04/27/14 @ 11:48pm

If J.K. Rowling would have included an American school of wizardry they would have won the Tri Wizards Tournament.

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