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Confession# 1273

Submitted 02/27/13 @ 7:14pm

I used all of my money I saved throughout high school to get a boob job instead of helping my dad pay for college, it's safe to say that he's pissed.

Confession# 1272

Submitted 02/27/13 @ 7:52pm

I love watching people misjudge the depth of puddles at crosswalks.

Confession# 1271

Submitted 02/27/13 @ 7:03pm

I sold my football season tickets for $600 this year. I felt dirty doing it.

Confession# 1268

Submitted 02/27/13 @ 6:40pm

I had a funeral to go to that was the same day as the BigTen Championship Game. I'd requested off work and already purchased tickets to go the game. I'm still bitter than I had to sell my ticket and miss that game. Mainly because when I went home, I couldn't even stay at my own house in my own bed because my family rudely invited themselves over without asking if we had room, and kept rubbing it in that I wasn't at the game while we watched it on tv.

Confession# 1266

Submitted 02/27/13 @ 5:45pm

I don't throw my tampons in the container provided. I flush 'em every time. Seriously who actually throws them away in the container?

Confession# 1265

Submitted 02/27/13 @ 5:13pm

"The Creator" is like Madison's very own Gossip Girl. I love it.

Confession# 1264

Submitted 02/27/13 @ 5:02pm

I used to be extremely racist against blacks, until a black man saved me from being raped. I used to be blinded by hate of the race, but after that man saved me from being raped (and possibly killed) I see that we are all equal, and I'm so happy my views have changed.

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