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Confession# 6066

Submitted 04/27/14 @ 11:48pm

If J.K. Rowling would have included an American school of wizardry they would have won the Tri Wizards Tournament.

Confession# 6065

Submitted 04/28/14 @ 12:00am

I always swipe right for guys in the military no matter what they look like just so I can send them a message saying thank you for serving our country.

Confession# 6064

Submitted 04/28/14 @ 12:38am

Why is Donald Sterling's girlfriend with him if he is so racist? Oh wait, his money!

Confession# 6063

Submitted 04/28/14 @ 9:30am

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Remember, Never forget.

Confession# 6062

Submitted 04/28/14 @ 10:32am Confession# 22358

Vote for UW and party with the legendary crew of BMS!!!

Confession# 6061

Submitted 04/26/14 @ 8:21pm

Girls find out everything. It's better to just be honest than to lie to us or try to hide things. We know when you're cheating, assholes.

Confession# 6060

Submitted 04/27/14 @ 11:22am

All I want is a girl that will sit and watch soccer with me.

Confession# 6059

Submitted 04/27/14 @ 1:32pm

Guys, when your girlfriend is sick, you don't go out drinking with all your friends. You go take care of her like a real man should.

Confession# 6058

Submitted 04/23/14 @ 10:14pm

My boyfriend went out to see some friends last night. He came with with a dozen roses and a McDouble for me and I am really not sure which one made me happier.

Confession# 6057

Submitted 04/23/14 @ 8:27pm

I can hear my roommate masturbate when she thinks I'm sleeping.

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