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Confession# 6016

Submitted 04/11/14 @ 1:29pm

You know you're into a girl when you delete your Tinder.

Confession# 6015

Submitted 04/11/14 @ 3:07pm

I have hooked up with 4 people on Tinder. I have only been on it for a week.

Confession# 6014

Submitted 04/12/14 @ 11:46am

I just got friendzoned by the girl that I'm in love with.

Confession# 6013

Submitted 04/10/14 @ 11:23am

Studying abroad this semester. The other day I met a local who asked me where I went to school. I replied, "The University of Wisconsin," and he asked me "That's the school with all the beer and parties?" Badger pride, On Wisconsin!

Confession# 6012

Submitted 04/10/14 @ 11:47am

I organized a threesome last night, there were a couple of no shows, but I still had a good time.

Confession# 6011

Submitted 04/10/14 @ 1:32pm

I have spent more money paying for moped parking violations than I have for tuition. UNBELIEVABLE.

Confession# 6010

Submitted 04/10/14 @ 3:30pm

This is the point in the semester where I want to tell my professors, my boss, my immature high school friends, my immature college friends to just fuck the fuck off.

Confession# 6009

Submitted 04/10/14 @ 3:15pm

I always love the people that are in groups talking about faith in the union. They are so inspiring.

Confession# 6008

Submitted 04/10/14 @ 10:51pm

I just turned down sex to study. That's when you know it's crunch time.

Confession# 6007

Submitted 04/11/14 @ 11:11am

I hate when people complain about getting AB's or B's and there doing better than most of the class, be happy with what you get.

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