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Confession# 5985

Submitted 03/30/14 @ 5:45pm

I would get Eiffel towered right now just to get Final Four tickets.

Confession# 5984

Submitted 03/30/14 @ 7:30pm

I shave my armpits with my roommate's razor when she annoys me.

Confession# 5982

Submitted 03/30/14 @ 10:48am

Every UW Madison student has a hangover this morning.

Confession# 5979

Submitted 03/28/14 @ 1:00pm

I forgot that I had a box of magnums in my coat, so when I was pulling out my headphones it fell out. A girl picked it up, and handed it to me along with her number.

Confession# 5978

Submitted 03/28/14 @ 1:39pm

My college life is an entire binge fest. Binge eating. Binge drinking. Binge studying.

Confession# 5977

Submitted 03/27/14 @ 9:17am

Raged all night after the Badgers won. Can't wait to rage all night Saturday after we punch our ticket to the Final Four!

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