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Confession# 6006

Submitted 04/08/14 @ 5:02pm

Projected to be #1 in this early poll! On Wisconsin!

Confession# 6005

Submitted 04/08/14 @ 1:10pm

My boyfriend and I went on the bus trip to the final four and while there we found out I'm pregnant!!! Best trip ever!!!

Confession# 6004

Submitted 04/08/14 @ 8:54pm

Got blackout drunk, fell and hit my head on the railroad tracks resulting in a concussion all because the Badgers lost in the Final 4.

Confession# 6001

Submitted 04/07/14 @ 8:59pm

When in Reno after the Final Four game, these Kentucky fans were being ass holes and harassing this girl, and she punched him in the nose and made him bleed all over his jersey. On Wisconsin!

Confession# 6000

Submitted 04/07/14 @ 11:53pm

I'm too cheap to buy toilet paper and have been stealing copious loads of napkins from Gordon Commons for the past few weeks.

Confession# 5998

Submitted 04/06/14 @ 2:23pm

Watched the Badgers game with my entire unit while in Afghanistan. You made us all proud! On Wisconsin!

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