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Confession# 134

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 4:07pm

Looking for confessions about Mifflin Party stories. Mulling over some shirt ideas.

Confession# 133

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 4:00pm

During the welcome week I walked in on my roommate naked skyping her boyfriend. Lets just say we got to know each other real well real fast

Confession# 132

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 4:30pm

Whenever I go to a frat list party and I'm not on the list, I just tell the guy at the door "Oh, [generic name] said he could get me in]" and they usually just let me through. Ben, Matt, whatever. There's gotta be at least one of them.

Confession# 131

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 3:42pm

The actual reason I broke up with my last boyfriend was because he would always fuck up your/you're, they're/their/there, to/too/two, board/bored, etc. Sorry, but you go to Madison. You should know this shit.

Confession# 130

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 3:23pm

I drunkly made out with my roommate one of the first weeks of school. Nothing like getting to know the girl who sleeps 5 feet away from you like a nice make out session!

Confession# 129

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 3:14pm

I made out with my friend at a party, who's also a girl. I also have a boyfriend at that cheating?

Confession# 128

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 3:12pm

I like this guy and I think he likes me too but just doesn't realize it. I want to get a boyfriend to shock him into admitting it to himself, but I couldn't use another person like that.

Confession# 127

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 3:23pm

I have a girlfriend at home and have cheated on her 14 times.

Confession# 126

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 3:43pm

Blacked out from the time I got to the party, to the moment I woke up and found my roommates ski boot filled with puke.

Confession# 125

Submitted 02/12/13 @ 3:31pm

I shit myself at a party last weekend and had to walk home alone... there i said it

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