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Confession# 1443

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 9:47pm

I have a crush on a guy I work with and often find myself fantasizing about how good he would be in bed. If only he would send a signal that he is interested too, we could make these fantasies a reality.

Confession# 1442

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 9:25pm

I am an athlete, and I find nothing more disgusting than a jersey chaser. Get real ladies, we don't actually care about women like you.

Confession# 1441

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 7:00pm

I'm a girl, and nothing disappoints me more than when a guy puts me in the "friend zone". It works both ways.

Confession# 1440

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 7:07pm

I'm a girl, and I think I accidentally friend-zoned a guy that I was really interested in dating. I ask him for help on everything, and we flirt like crazy, but I told him that he's the best friend a girl could ask for. I feel really bad, because I did not want to friend zone him, it just happened and I wish I could take it back.

Confession# 1439

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 7:04pm

I get most of my alcohol by pretending to be drunker than I am, flirting with guys, and then stealing their alcohol.

Confession# 1438

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 7:21pm

When I'm having sex I like my guy to be loud and sound like he's enjoying himself. It makes a girl feel good if it sounds like she's doing it right.

Confession# 1437

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 7:54pm

The most embarrassing thing of my life just happened. I thought the door to my dorm room was closed, so when I finished my sociology reading, I started masturbating on my couch. Turns out that I only had my door latched, so when a couple of my friends dropped by to surprise me, they sure got a surprise I'm sure they didn't expect.

Confession# 1436

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 6:35pm

I took a guy's virginity this weekend and now I have feelings for him. I feel like somehow that should be the other way around but I know it isn't.

Confession# 1444

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 9:23pm

My boyfriend and I are both lifeguards. Pretty much the whole staff we work with has snuck into the waterpark at night and done who knows what in that damn pool. One night, my boyfriend and I snuck into the pool and I was expecting to fool around, except this time turned very romantic. When we left from swimming around in the moon light, we were showering in the outdoor showers and I finally said "I love you". At that moment, it thundered and poured on us and we ran away. It felt, and still feels like a fairytale!

Confession# 1445

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 9:37pm

I still sleep with the stuffed animal I got for my 1st birthday, and I will continue to do so until the day I die.

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