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Confession# 1376

Submitted 03/03/13 @ 3:31pm

I got really drunk, pissed my pants, and proceeded to trade shorts with my blacked out roommate. To this day he swears he doesn't remember pissing his pants.

Confession# 1374

Submitted 03/03/13 @ 3:51pm

My previous roommate decided to make a mockery of me so I took his razor that he shaves his head with and manscaped the shit out of my ball sack.

Confession# 1372

Submitted 03/03/13 @ 3:24pm

Google Translate is 100% responsible for my graduating as a German Major.

Confession# 1386

Submitted 03/03/13 @ 7:04pm

I spend about a quarter of the time while having sex to eating the girl out because I love seein her get pleasured that way.

Confession# 1387

Submitted 03/03/13 @ 7:37pm

My room smells like latex and gummy worms. Sex and candy is not as glamorous as I expected it to be.

Confession# 1401

Submitted 03/04/13 @ 9:02am

On Saturday night I hid in a closet in my own apartment in order to get away from a girl who followed me home from a party.

Confession# 1398

Submitted 03/03/13 @ 9:44pm

Why do people have a stick up their ass? I'll drink at the lib if I want. It's called Wisconsin and on top of that this is America. And let me tell you one things about America, it's called mother fucking freedom.

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