DNS Update Required

Due to high web traffic we have upgraded our servers. In order to submit a confession, you must wait for your computer to view our website from our new server. To speed up this process, you can manually update your computer's DNS cache by following the steps below.

Microsoft Windows

  1. Open a command prompt on your computer by clicking on ‘Start’, ‘Run’, and typing ‘cmd’.
    • For Vista or Windows 7, the process will have to be done differently: Click on ‘Start’ --> ‘All Programs’ --> ‘Accessories’. Right-click on ‘Command Prompt’. Select ‘Run as Administrator’.
  2. Type the following within the command prompt:
    ipconfig /flushdns.

  3. Wait for the message to appear:
    • Windows IP Configuration
    • Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache

Mac OS

  1. Open a local window.
  2. Type the following within the prompt:
    lookupd -flushcache.

Mobile Devices

On most mobile devices, a simple reboot is all that will be required to flush your DNS cache. Thus, after a reboot, you will once again be able to submit confessions.