Confession# 2447

Confession# 6800

My grandfather, great uncles, my uncles, and my own father fought a secret war with the Soviet Union to end the threat of communism and nuclear war in this country. My grandfather and the rest of them were in the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War and some were even in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion, and while they never talk about it I can see how heavily it ways on them. I know my grandfather has killed people before. He has scars on his chest and arms to prove what he's done. My uncle has a gunshot scar on his stomach, and while the rest may not have physical scars they certainly have emotional and mental ones. I hope someday I can have an impact like they've had, but I also encourage everybody to think for a second about what goes on behind the scenes in order to keep us save here at home. War is an awful thing, and sometimes in order to guarantee that we never go to war some men have to do some horrible things in order to make sure we get to keep living the American dream. God bless America.