Confession# 2266

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 10:12pm Confession# 5604

This is what I think when students say they're majoring in philosophy.

Confession# 2265

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 9:36pm Confession# 5573

I tried to bang my girlfriend when she asked me to help her open a jar. It didn't work. Porn isn't very realistic.

Confession# 2263

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 8:34pm Confession# 5539

I have probably the three most passive roommates on the planet. Instead of fixing anything, we just bitch about one another behind each other's backs. I feel like if we all sat down and actually told each other what we really think, it would be like jungle world from Mean Girls.

Confession# 2260

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 8:30pm Confession# 5556

What I don't understand is why athletes feel the need to wear team issued clothing and sweatpants to class everyday. Apparently if you're on a sports team and you always show it your street cred goes up +6.

Confession# 2259

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 9:32pm

Girls in fitted jeans are so much hotter than girls in yoga pants. Come on ladies, at least look like you put some effort into your outfit.

Confession# 2258

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 8:16pm

If you have the words "swag" "yolo" or "the real" in your Twitter or Facebook name I assume that you're an idiot beyond saving.

Confession# 2257

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 7:32pm

Foreign students need better instruction on crosswalk and right-of-way etiquette.

Confession# 2255

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 7:47pm Confession# 5528

I've been sleeping with 2 guys that live within a block of each other.

Confession# 2254

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 6:05pm

Mother nature plays harder to get than most of the guys in this town.

Confession# 2253

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 6:12pm

As a male TA, I have a lot of female students I'd like to screw.

Confession# 2252

Submitted 03/18/13 @ 5:03pm Confession# 5486

I still avoid using green and purple pens/highlighters together because they are "Barney" colors.