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Confession# 3643

Submitted 05/23/13 @ 10:11am

First weekend home I threw my first party, it quickly escalated and became a naked party. Madison would have been proud.

Confession# 3656

Submitted 05/25/13 @ 9:36pm

I have an emergency bottle of clean urine in my closet.

Confession# 3651

Submitted 05/24/13 @ 11:53pm

My GF is a porn star, she is going to be so pissed when she finds out!

Confession# 3815

Submitted 06/13/13 @ 2:15am

I found out I was pregnant. I was nervous my boyfriend was going to be freaked and when I told him he left, literally said I have to go and walked out. I cried my eyes out. Two hours later, he came back with a book. 10,000 baby names. I'm humiliated I doubted him for a second.

Confession# 3850

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 8:47pm

I've been telling everyone who's selling tickets for $300 or more that I want to buy them. As soon as they pick up the tickets in August, I'm going to back out of it and they're all going to be shafted with a season of tickets and only a week to actually sell them. I don't feel any guilt what so ever.

Confession# 3831

Submitted 06/13/13 @ 5:01pm

The one thing I really hate in this world are men who go after women when they know the girl has a boyfriend.

Confession# 3814

Submitted 06/13/13 @ 2:44am Confession# 13784

I believe that Edward Snowden is trying to protect our inalienable rights from the government by exposing what he has.

Confession# 3818

Submitted 06/12/13 @ 9:24pm

Pretty sure my roommate got pink eye from me putting a turd in their taco meat.

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