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Confession# 3854

Submitted 06/18/13 @ 7:55am

I spend more time playing CoD and talking to people to people in game lobbies than I do having real human interactions with my friends and boyfriend. I think forgot what sunlight is.

Confession# 3850

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 8:47pm

I've been telling everyone who's selling tickets for $300 or more that I want to buy them. As soon as they pick up the tickets in August, I'm going to back out of it and they're all going to be shafted with a season of tickets and only a week to actually sell them. I don't feel any guilt what so ever.

Confession# 3853

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 11:53pm

Being away from my boyfriend all summer is making me realize that I don't miss him as much as I should.

Confession# 3846

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 10:16am

My buddy gave me his computer and information for tickets because he had to go to work. His computer logged in before mine, I thought about using my password to get tickets but instead I remembered I wasn't an asshole and got him tickets.

Confession# 3842

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 8:31am

To every person who buys season tickets just to sell them, you're an ass. Please leave our school. You have no loyalty.

Confession# 3843

Submitted 06/17/13 @ 8:04am

I love this school, but the picture on the waiting page for season tickets makes me wanna punch the shit out of Bucky Badger.

Confession# 3838

Submitted 06/16/13 @ 7:47pm

I am an Indian who has come to UW-Madison for a summer program. I visited Chicago this weekend and was surprised at the sharp contrast between Madison and Chicago. Though Chicago is a big city with high towers, it was so unsafe and people were so unfriendly. I missed Madison during my visit. Madison really rocks! It is so safe and people are so lovely. Love you Madison!

Confession# 3830

Submitted 06/13/13 @ 7:34pm

Why can't guys just commit to a girl they are interested in? I've been in so many "almost" dating relationships and I always fall for them and get hurt.

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